Above The Dollar

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John Greavu
WRIT 1301
Mr. Anderson
29 NOV 2011
Reading Response #6: Above The Dollar

I believe that our society is being misguided. Childhood dreams of becoming a fireman, police officer, astronaut, professional athlete, or even president are being replaced by doctors and young aspiring businessmen and women. Now, those can be great professions, but I believe that the interest is more in the high salary than anything. To me, my future isn’t completely set on money or even working, but rather, finding my passion and using my talents to help meet the world’s needs while living, if only, a decent life. I don’t understand how people (including my parents) can go to a dead-end, meaningless job everyday for decades without spiraling down into extreme depression wondering if they’ve wasted their lives. Of course, there is a strong chance that I could be wrong on my viewpoint here, but I concur that too much emphasis is put on just making money. Surprisingly, a world could exist without any currencies, but how sad a world it would be if we gave up our dreams, ambition and compassion.

From early on in my life I’ve had high hopes for my future. At first, it was to be a professional basketball player after idolizing Michael Jordan and watching Space Jam many times. I don’t remember too much about when I was younger but my mom has told me that there was days that I wouldn’t come inside from the until I took 100 shots at our basketball courts. I loved the game and back then money was not at all part of the reason why I wanted to one day “go pro”. Heck, I had no idea how much Michael Jordan even made or even that he was any wealthier than we were. Unlike Diane in “Happiness at

Greavu 2

Work: Job, Career and Calling”, if my dreams were to come true, I’d be playing basketball more because of my ambition for the sport, not for the desire of money: Diane is a lawyer, a very talented prosecutor. Despite being an eloquent speaker, capable of swaying a...
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