About a boy Text analysis

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About a boy

About a boy is written by Nick Hornby and published by “Penguin Books” in 1998.


The novel is set in 1993 and 1994. The action takes mainly place in London, but also a bit in Cambridge and Royston


Will is a 36 years old. Will lives alone in his flat in London. His day consist of watching TV, reading in magazines, listening to music, shopping and meeting new women. He is single and has never been in a real relationship. He is rich, because his father wrote a famous Christmas song, Will hates Christmas and are not to glad in kids either.

Marcus is 12 years old. He dose not have any real friends. He has just moved to London, and lives alone with his mother Fiona. He listen to Mozart and Joni Mitchell and wears the clothes that his mom tells him to, which often are a bit old fashion and weird. At school he gets bulled by the other kids because they think he wears strange clothes and that he is weird.

Fiona is Marcus’s mother and is 38 years old. She is divorced and lives alone with Marcus. She works as a music therapist. Fiona is depressed, and has not much to live for besides Marcus. She often cries.

Ellie is three years older than Marcus. She goes to the same school as Marcus. She cuts her own hair. She is a huge Nirvana fan, and she wears a Kurt Cobain shirt almost every day. All the other kids are afraid of her and she is famous for being in trouble.

Rachel is a single mother and has one son, Ali. She has a dark hair, and works as a illustrator for children’s books. Will and Rachel meet at a New Years Eve party.


Will is constantly looking for new women. One day he realizes that it is easy to go out with single mothers. So he decides to join SPAT (Single Parents Alone Together) even though he dose not have a child. He invents a son “Ned” and shows up at SPAT. There he meets Suzie. She invites him to the SPAT picnic.

Suzie is a friend of Fiona and she takes Marcus with her on...
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