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Topics: Twitter, Social network service, Web 2.0 Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: June 25, 2011

What is it? Why use it? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter?

Twitter is an online application that cannot be defined as one single tool. As such, this application is part a blog, part a social networking site and part cell phone/IM tool, designed to let users answer the question: “What are you doing?”. Users have 140 characters for each posting (or “tweet”) to say whatever they care to say. Many tweets do answer the question of what the user is doing, but plenty of others are responses to other tweets, pointers to online resources that the user found interesting, musings, or questions. Basically, Twitter is about conversation. Although, it is possible to have a conversation on blogs, on Facebook and on some other social media sites, with this application the conversation get another level of freedom. There are lots of conversations going on and anyone can, easily, join one, or can start a new one and others can join in. As such, it is possible, on Twitter, to even carry on multiple conversations at once. This application was created, in 2006, during a brainstorming of a company called Odeo, inc, focused in reinvent themselves. Like other incredible ideas, the beauty and success of Twitter lies in its simplicity, comparing to other social networks, this application gives the user the power do write whatever he wants, whenever he wants and to everyone. This power that can also be called as freedom is the key of success of this community-oriented web services. Nowadays, Twitter is fast becoming a leading online community and, more than ever, a powerful social marketing tool, with more than 250 millions of users. As it was already said, Twitter is easy to use, it is needed only to create one or more accounts and the followers are considered friends, there is a freedom of communication like in no other online community; however this application has also some disadvantages that have to be pointed out: • Because Twitter is so easy...

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