About the Movie, a White Man's Burden

Topics: Minimum wage, White people, The Other Side Pages: 3 (1130 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Taylor Smith
Professor Robinson
English 1102
20 October 2010
In the movie, A White Man’s Burden, Desmond Nakano directs a movie about two different men that come from completely different social situations and are separated by many different factors. Separated by money, race, and superiority, Louis feels as if Thad, the CEO of an affluent chocolate factory, owes him something for the hardships that he and his family have been put through. After kidnapping, and holding Thad captive, the movie ends tragically when Louis is shot after he sacrificed not only his freedom, but in the end his life while trying to get Thad to a hospital. Marsha refuses to take the money that Thad offers her because of whatever reason. Her decision was negligent, and was made with stubborn intentions. There are several issues within this movie that spark interest within the reader. Throughout this movie, the decisions that are made, and the repercussions from the decisions that these characters have made are all questionable.

After delivering a package to the Thomas home, Thad asks Lionel to send another delivery boy the next time a package was to be delivered to his home because the last one he sent was caught looking into the window while his wife was in a towel. Lionel in return fires Louis because he refuses to have a “peeping tom” working in his factory. After rigorously trying to find a job that paid the same, if not more than his job at the factory paid. Once Louis has retired every option that he feels he has, he tries to talk to Thad and explain to him that he wasn’t “peeping” on anyone, and that he desperately needs his job back. Once Thad refuses to give Louis his time of day, Louis starts to feel as if Thad owes him and his family everything that they have lost since he lost his job at the factory. Thad did not owe Louis anything. As people, we make our own luck. Louis refused several perfectly good jobs that could have helped his family become more financially...
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