About Shark Fin Soup

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Contact lists/emails/websites/address/phone numbers/who would you contact * Donate to protect sharks “http://www.sharktruth.com/funding “ * Websites
* http://www.sharktruth.com
* http://www.stopsharkfinning.net/shark-fin-soup.htm
* twitter: @stopfinning
* facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StopSharkFinning
* Who to contact
* people in your area who wants to stop restaurants selling shark fin soup

What is the long term forecast? Is anything being done?
* Shark fin soup is banned in Vancouver thanks to
* petitions
* protests
* Organizations are made to protect sharks
* Social networking sites are made to spread the message
* Campaigns are made1
How its prepared
* 1) In a large stockpot add broth, salt, sugar, white pepper and ginger and bring to a boil. 2) Taste the broth and re-season as needed.
3) Add the shark fin and return back to a simmer. When the shark fin pieces are tender add in the crab meat and prawns. 4) Bring to a boil and add soy sauce.
5) Stir some cornstarch roux to thick the soup.
6) Turn off the heat and stir in the beaten egg and green onion2

About Shark Fin Soup
* thickened soup made w/ chicken/ham broth, shredded chicken, shark fin a Chinese delicacy
* traditional soup for Chinese weddings3

Myth About Sharks
* Myth:“The shark fin trade restrictions will result in too many sharks that will eat the catch of the fishermen.”
* Truth: evidence that healthy shark populations support healthy and abundant fish stocks4

Alternatives for Shark-fin-soup
* faux shark fin (made out of gelatin)
* abalone & crab soup & fried scallop terrine
* ginger duck soup & pan seared BC shrimp & crab cake * golden bridge soup and smoked vegetarian goose5

Why We Shouldn't Kill Sharks
* sharks will go into extinction
* 90% of great shark population is gone
* threatens stability of ocean
* 1/3 of shark population is...
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