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I believe in school now in days the curriculum kills our creativity. Not the teachers. The teachers are only there to help teach the curriculum. Now in days you can’t write whatever you want any more or do whatever you want any more in school. There is no choice. Its either option “A” or option “B”. Kids growing up in this era will have no imagination because it’s all straight forward stuff. Teacher get mad at you if you doodle on your paper or step out of line in the hall way. Kids won’t want to be creative because they won’t know what creative is. I find that the curriculum is to worried on getting the information to the kids other than letting them find out ways to show the information or talk about it. It’s just all writing and writing, no free choice anymore. In the poem it’s the same thing. The boy gets made fun of and hurt because he was trying to be creative. No one can do their own stuff anymore.
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