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R a p e

Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse which is initiates by one Or more persons against another person without that person’s consent the act may be carried out by physical force coercion abuse of authority or with a person who is incapable of valid consent such as one who is unconscious incapacitated below the legal age of consent the term is most of ten defined in criminal law there are several types of rape date rape gang rape marital rape prison rape and so on the most common is gang rape

Factors which lead to Rape
The incidence of rape in our society is increasing. As we can see, in the newspaper and on TV, this is not just happening in our country, but in foreign countries as well. On average, there are more than three cases of rape each day. Everything happened for a reason. In fact, the main factors that will lead to rape are divided into three types, which is individual factors, peer and family factors, and societal factors.

First of all, individual factor is one of the main causes in a rape case. Some of the men will easily misunderstanding or misread cues that given out by women in some social situations. Their incorrect mind-set made them believe that the women are implying some sex hints towards them and they may lack of the inhibitions which supposed to suppress their conformity between sex and aggression. It may then lead to their coercive sexual fantasies and become hostile towards women. In addition to these factors, sexually violent men are believed to differ from other men in terms of impulsivity and antisocial tendencies. They also tend to have an exaggerated sense of masculinity because they believed that women are weak opponents to be challenged and conquered easily.

On the other hand, peer and family factors on the rapist itself may lead to rape, too. According to American Psychological Association in 2011, there is some evidence to claim that sexual violence is also a kind of learnt behaviour in some adults, especially regarding towards child sexual abuse. Such experiences of having a childhood environment which is physically violent and emotionally unsupportive may lead to a pattern of behaviour where the man regularly justifies being violent, denies doing wrong, and has false and unhealthy conception about sexuality. Besides, men who grown up in broken families are more likely to become violent, to rape and use sexual coercion against women, as well as to abuse their intimate partners. Because they are acting as a low self-esteem person in usual life, but they will gain a great sense of accomplishment when they found someone weaker and conquered them.

Furthermore, poverty is also stated as one of the societal factors that causes rape cases. Poverty linked to both the perpetration of sexual violence and the risk of being a victim of it. Some of the authors, such as Jewkes R (2002) and Morrell (2001) have argued that the relationship between poverty and the occurrences of sexual violence is directly proportional to each other. Gang rape and sexual conquest are normalized, as men turn their aggression against women when they can no longer control or support economically of their partners.

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Effects of rape towards victims

The effect of rape towards victims divided into two parts, there are physical and psychological. First of all, physical effect of rape can appear from both forced sexual assault and those not involving forcible submission. Besides that, rape can have many other physical consequences, the common consequences experiences by rape victims include: Painful...
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