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Abandoned Love

We seek for love,
We seek for care,
Our innate feature,
But love has vanished.
It slowly flew away from us.
Left in the cold blizzard,
Seeking for love.
They pretend for their necessities,
But they wouldn’t look back,
As it is over.
Then the blizzard come again.
A guy with receipts walk by,
Face of love,
Feeling of hate,
Heart of despair.
People laid on the road,
Stoned and pale,
Nobody cares, maybe some,
To take videos,
And tell the world,
By just a click.
Then the corpses left there,
With even colder hearts,
We must seek for the love,
We have lost long time ago,
Unless we want to be abandoned.
From where we live

Analysis of the poem

The poem ‘Abandoned love’ has lots of bizarre meanings. The purpose and function of the poem is a confession. I wanted to confess about the vicious reality writing this poem. It is said ‘We seek love, we seek care’ shows that we are really in need of love and care now, as more the society develops, the care and love between people vanish. The organization of the poem is a free verse poem, as there is no any specific structure in the poem and it has no rhyming and consistent syllables. The literary devices used are ‘tone’ and ‘personification’. The tone used is despair. The poem basically is about the vicious and egoistic view of the world, and it is described unfortunate and sorrowful. The other literary device used is personification. ‘But love has vanished, it slowly flew away from us’. Obviously, love can’t really fly, but it is used to show that it has disappeared. The word ‘fly’ is used because we couldn’t really see it vanishing. The theme is ‘Egoism’, the whole poem discussed about the seriousness of egoism of today’s society. It is mentioned the ‘face of love, feeling of hate, heart of despair’ to show that people only work kindly to earn their own earnings, but inside they show hatred of people.


I want to sleep,
But I can’t,
Counting sheep,
Still can’t.

I dream,
With a bottle of pills.
But it’s just a rim,
Of a bottle of ills.

Brighter the screen,
Blurrier to be seen.
Stronger the wind blow,
Desolate journey continue to flow.

Analysis of the poem

The poem ‘Insomnia’ has a simple meaning. The purpose and function of the poem is an escape. I wanted to describe as an escape from the insomnia writing this poem. It is said ‘I want to sleep, but I can’t’ shows the two different views from the readers. One is a humorous view, and the other is a rather depressing view. The organization of the poem is a quatrain poem, as there is specific structure in the poem and it has rhymes every 2 lines, and there 4 lines structure for every stanza. The literary devices used are ‘mood’ and ‘metaphor’. The mood used is restless. The poem basically is about a guy who can’t sleep, and it has lots of tiring and restless mentions such as ‘desolate journey continue to flow’. Furthermore, the other literary device is ‘metaphor’, I wrote ‘stronger the wind blow’ basically describe insomnia as the strong wind. Insomnia is nothing like strong wind, however both of those harass us, but we can’t touch them or see them. The theme is ‘Insomnia’, the whole poem discussed about the problem of insomnia. It is mentioned the ‘Brighter the screen, blurrier the screen’ to show that people often can’t really make sleep, and use their phones, or portable televisions in the bed. As it is dark, and it is not clear to see the bright screen.


Oh! She was in a prison waiting to be set free,
Her sins made from the outside to be cleaned,
Waiting to be judged by the flow of water,
Shower, oh, Shower!

She was like a lion after hunting and feasting,
The melodious song to be sung with,
Then the storm of the warm hug finishes,
Shower, oh, Shower!

The drought has stopped after the rainfall,
The rainfall continued until just a...
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