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Dreadnought: 10 Facts

1) It was a Predominant type of battleship in the 20th century.
2) It was a Symbol of national power.
3) The earlier battleships were known as pre-dreadnoughts, while the more powerful vessels were known as super-dreadnoughts.
4) Use of dreadnought dropped after the World War One.
5) The dreadnoughts consisted armament of four heavy gun of
12-inch caliber.
6) Dreadnoughts made preceding battleships obsolete.
7) A type of warship that dominated the world’s navy for 35 years.
8) It was 526 feet (160 m).
9) It carried a crew of 800 people.
10) And it displaced 18,000 tons.



Answers (source A)
a) Britain produced the dreadnoughts in the year of 1906.

b) They were better because they were turbine-driven, with a bigger guns and a greater range and also faster than the previous ones.

Answer (source B)
a) During the year of 1909, the German ships were a threat to the British.

b) This is because, in the year of 1909, Germans had a total of 7 dreadnoughts while the British had 8. This was the ratio higher than any other year.

Answer (source C)
a) The reason given for this cause seems valid and plausible, though it arises questions, of whether he was being biased. The making of dreadnoughts, in the year of 1908, to a relatively large number, does indeed indicate a sign of questioning their statement. And given this fact, it is natural for the Britons to claim such perspectives, on how they thought that the Germans were challenging the British.
Answer (source D)
a) As Sir Edward Grey, is who is speaking, there, once again, comes a question of how or if he is being biased. In terms of reliability, it is a bit doubtful but then again is plausible.
b) According to me, it could be a matter of life and death, to the Britain, as they had more colonies and a larger empire along with trades. So they have

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