about happiness

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About happiness
Nowadays, people usually like to say “I’m not happy” in every single day. No matter what has happened or actually there is nothing wrong with them. It already becomes young people’s tap. Whenever you ask them whether they are happy, their answer is negative.
What is the cause of people’s lack of happiness? Is that because they can not eat enough or don’t have clothes to dress? The answer is an absolute no. People’s living standard has never reached such a high level, and now people should be in the happiest time. However, the situation is not as we has predicted. According to the research, we can find that the main reason is the changing of people’s definition of happy. Few decades ago, people only focus on their clothing, eating and the basic needs for the lives. But now, people don’t need to worry about that, so they have free time to think about the other things.
Furthermore, people think more and more highly of their faces and what others think about them. It is somehow reasonable to consider our own problems, but to spend time thinking other people’s thoughts is useless and foolish. We want to do better and let others see our prefect performance, but what will that actually bring about. On the contrary, we push too much on ourselves, and force ourselves to do the best. And then tell by ourselves that if I can’t do it I will be teased. That will bring about too much pressure and we will feel tire because we must try best to be prefect every second. If we indeed lose face, we will fall into the much deeper unhappiness.
We all have the need to ask ourselves: Am I that important to others; Will people expect for me pay attention to myself; Is others’ thoughts that important. I believe the answer should be a deny. And we all know that. It’s just we can’t help giving us these useless pressure. Actually, life is simple and beautiful. But we give too much meanings and rules to it, so it’s complicated now. And that is the reason why most of us

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