About Food Production

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Unit: 1
Production Department – Kitchen

Kitchen Planning and Design
Kitchen Organization
Different Section within Food Production Department
Hot Section,
Indian Kitchen
Bakery Section
Pantry or Cold Section
Vegetable section
Staff Cafeteria
Banquet Kitchen

Use of General and Specialized Equipment
Hygiene and Sanitation
Kitchen Hygiene
Personal Hygiene

Kitchen Safety
To prevent cuts
To prevent burns

Portion Control
Waste Management
Analysis Section
Inter Departmental Relationship
Standard of Cleanliness and Hygiene
Personal Grooming
Discipline and Moral
Wastage and Economy Measure

The kitchen is a place where food is prepared. In hotel or in restaurant a special room is used for food preparation and is known is kitchen. Kitchen is the central point of activities in all restaurant and hotel where food is prepared. A hotel is defined as a place where lodging and food is available, so kitchen is one of the most important units among the two units as kitchen is related with food. The purpose of kitchen organization in hotel or restaurant is to produce the right quantity and quality of food at the best standard for required number of clients. It is managed for the most effective use of staff, equipment, and materials. It is a revenue earning unit. 50% of hotels collection is from food. Kitchen being the huge department, there are lots of staff working. So, there must be good working environment. Sanitation and food hygiene should be maintained strictly because these days’ people are very health conscious. Kitchen mainly co-ordinates with Stewarding and Food & Beverage service department. To make the job performance easy, this department has been classified into various section and of them are specified with a particular task perform regarding specific of preparation. In Yak and Yeti, the food producing department is categorized into eight sections. And I was lucky to get an opportunity to work in all eight sections.

Kitchen Planning and Design

The requirement of kitchen has to be identified clearly. It should be a long term planning as extra bed or extra facilities can be added, in the same way extra chairs may be added to increased numbers of guests but to increase the capacity and kitchen equipment is not so easy. The layout of kitchen must be planned around a deficient and systematic flow of food from receipt of goods to the service of meals. The kitchen must ensure continuous workflow in one direction in order that crossover of food and any cross contamination is avoided. When kitchen is built, it is designed to achieve maximum efficiency of time, labor and product. To achieve this, a number of factors should be taken into consideration: •The type of menu

The style of food service
The number of meal to be served and the length of service time •Skilled or semi-skilled staff
Types of equipments available
The size, shape and location of the food service area
Class of establishment
Hygiene and safety acts
For effective and efficient service the following are the main factors: Work-flow: the overall sequence of receiving, storing, preparing, holding, clearing needs to be achieved by: •Minimum movement

Minimum back-tracking
Minimum use of time and effort
Maximum use of space
Goods enter the store where they are checked.
They are stored either in dry or cool storage/freezer.
Goods are passed on to different areas for preparation.
The food is cooked.
The food is either held or served straight away.
While designing and planning kitchen all the above factors plus extra points given below must be considered: •Flexibility: Every kitchen must be capable of catering to the increased numbers of guests.

Efficiency: The kitchen must increase the efficiency of staff. It must be easy to work in a designed kitchen and serve...
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