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Festival writing

Everyone has their own festival to celebrate. As a Chinese, I always celebrate different festival like the Lantern Festival and Dragon Boat Festival. However, the festival which I anticipate and put in my effort to prepare for it will be the annual Chinese New Year. Whenever Chinatown is aglow with flamboyant lights, and the laughter and banter of eager shoppers fill the air, it is a clear sign that the welcoming Chinese New Year is approaching once again.

While there is no denying that festive cheer is very much in the air, the traditions that at one time were revered have been diluted to a large extent. The overpowering presence of Western influence has resulted in the younger generation being less inclined to cleave to traditional practices.

Despite such changes, I am glad that my family continues to adhere to some rituals and practices, which remain significant in our lives. Among the many aspects of this remarkable festival that I find awesome, the sending of greeting messages, eating of reunion dinner and of course, the visiting of families with ‘ang bao’ filled in the pocket of children have to be the ones that I truly look forward to with great excitement. We celebrate them with our own style and flare.

As I contemplate on the source of our delight, I realized that what really appeals to me is the sending of greeting cards. Sending of greeting cards usually expresses your blessing to your family and friends. Typically, this practice should be sent using traditional cards. However, as technology improves, teenagers started using E cards to send their blessing and greeting. Gradually, the traditional way of sending gift cards have been forsaken and I felt that such replacement could not bring out the atmosphere we had in the past when we open up the mailbox and found greeting cards in it. Hence, I relish the fact that sending cards can create the mood of Chinese New Year significantly and it is I what...
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