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Standing tall and proud in a rural town, the prestigious Dartmouth University gives education and shelter to 4000-5000 students. Although Darmouth is expensive and very hard to be admitted to, it is a top tier university with great educational facilities.

Elazar Wheelock is the founder of Dartmouth University.
The motto was created as “Vox clamantis in deserto.” There are many traditions at the college of Dartmouth. A few of the traditions are at homecoming. At homecoming they create a big wooden box that has the year made of wood, and than at night while having a parade they wear glow sticks around their whole body and create a bonfire. They also have a winter carnival back from break. The carnival is also during class time. The carnival is slightly less energetic than the homecoming. Over at the carnival holds many competitions. The frats throw block parties all the time as a tradition. A few people are in the alumni and they are, Trevor Burgerness, vere brown, Kimberly Koontz, and Cisa Mortell.

The college of Dartmouth is located in Hanover New Hampshire. The climate is usually warm during the summer, and winters are long and cold snowy winters. You can go outside of Dartmouth and find places to hike and use your bike to ride around. If you want to enter in to the college of Dartmouth you must have community service hours. Your high school class rank must be the top 10 percent of the school. Your GPA must be a 3.75 to 4.0. Your Sat should be a 700 to 800 for critical reading and math. The last requirement is to turn in an essay. The application fee is $70. Also the deadline is supposed to be by January 1.

The college of Dartmouth has a few fees you have to pay. The costs of book supplies are 1,512 dollars and the required fee is $225. If you are rooming at the college it is $10,779. You have to pay for the tuition fee, which is 36,690 dollars. So everything together will 49,201 dollars. If you cannot...
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