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ENG 121 English Composition I
Instructor: Rozlyn Truss-Linder

Running Head: Should Abortion Be Legal? Page 2 Should Abortions Be Legal
Although this is America and women have rights, abortions should only be legal if a life is at

stake, threatening health issues or if the pregnancy was a result of rape or incest.

Some people fill that it is murder or inhumane to have an abortion, while others feel it is your body and you should have the right to decide whether or not to bring a new life into this world. It all comes down to the environment you were raised, your background and your moral standards. Abortions should be legal if there is a life threatening situation incest, or rape. In California marijuana is legalized, which it has been proven that is kills your brain cells. You only have to be eighteen to buy cigarettes and twenty-one to drink. There many cases where alcohol has killed people, whether it was intentional or not. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, drunken motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among those ages 5-34 in the U.S. More than 2.3 million adult drivers and passengers were treated in emergency departments as the result of being injured by a drunk driver in 2009. When someone engages in such a controversial topic culturally and ethically like abortion, many people may latch on to a specific idea. An example would be those for abortion being legal are not willing to go passed the fact that a woman has a right to her body. Another example would be the people that think abortion should be illegal, would be reluctant to go beyond the thought that abortion is considered murder. People are confused on this issue because of one’s tendency to reject or accept some basic moral principles without an examination of them and one being human.

Running Head: Should Abortion Be Legal? Page 3 There are many reasons why abortions should be left up to a woman to decide and also legal. One reason may be in the case of incest and/or rape. Second may be the when the health of the fetus is at risk. Third may be when the health or welfare of herself. Concerning the reason that abortions should be legal if there is a health issue with the fetus, a woman should not be expected to bring a child into this world if there is something seriously wrong with them, such as severely and mentally challenged or missing limbs. Some people may feel that this is not fair to the child to have to live life in such a way. Not being able to tell someone when they are in pain or not being able to do for themselves. A woman's life should be valued as a more valuable life Running Head: Should Abortion Be Legal? Page 3 than the life of the potential life of the fetus.( Louise Mellings, MD) Many people may feel this way because if something were to happen to the woman the potential life of the fetus would not exist. Also, there is the possibility of medications due to other illnesses such as cancer and ectopic pregnancy. Furthermore, if there is a chance the woman decided to carry the fetus to full term that it might still be born dead, both of them should not have to lose their lives. In the case when rape is involve the woman did not ask to have a sexual relationship with the other person, she should not be made to carry the child to term, if she chooses not to. In my opinion, abortions should be considered murder, event though the life has not yet form completely, but, I can only speak for my beliefs. Woman have a right to do whatever they chose to their bodies but one may wonder, why did you get yourself in this situation, could it have been prevented, and how many times have you done this before. All of these questions should be considered when trying to pass a law that has so many informalities and technicalities. Running Head: Should Abortion Be Legal? Page 4

Depending on the situation an abortion may be appropriate. For example, if the doctor knows for certain that the child will not live do to some health reason, or if the baby will be drastically ill and a very low chance of survival then maybe this would be an exception. If a person has more than one abortion then they are just being abusive and should be stopped in my opinion. As I stated previously there are several sides that have many times expressed there views on this situation. It all should come down to whether or not the woman feels compatible or sure that she is able to care for this child in the condition it will be in. If the woman was raped or went through incest then the same goes for her, she should decide if she wants to bring a child into this world. ABCNEWS/Washington post has done several polls to determine what Americans really think of abortions. In the one poll generally, fifty-seven percent say abortions should be legal in all or most cases, and fifty-four percent favor the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 ruling that made it so. While forty-two percent want the government and the courts to make abortions harder to get, more either support the status quo, or favor fewer restrictions. (Washington Post) Regardless to this information, Americans are uneasy with the procedure of abortions. Which according to the women clinic, it is done by aspiration with anesthesia this is the most common method of abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. General or local anesthesia is given to the mother and her cervix is quickly dilated. (WC)A suction curette (hollow tube with a knife-edged tip) is inserted into the womb. This instrument is then connected to a vacuum machine by a transparent tube. The vacuum suction, 29 times more powerful than a household. (WC)

Running Head: Should Abortion Be Legal? Page 5 vacuum cleaner, tears the fetus and placenta into small pieces which are sucked through the tube into a bottle and discarded.(WC) I have a friend that recently had an abortion. Her baby was growing a tumor and the doctor could not be sure if the baby would survive. She had to progress in order to determine he specific facts regarding the health issues of the fetus. She has only one child and she has had three miscarriages in the past. I asked her why was getting an abortion she states she considers her baby girl a miracle and she knew in her heart if she would have carried her baby to term it would not have been health and it may not have survive. She further tells me that she cannot handle it mentally. She believes her little girl is at age where she can handle her and will not stress her out. Maybe if someone came up with a less invasive way for abortions, people would warm up to it. If your health is an issue then I believe an abortion would be within your rights. I would not suggest having abortion after abortion, then you are just being abusive. Though many people still believe abortion is murder if your are of age and in your right mind you have the ability to decide whether or not to bring a life into this world.

Running Head: Should Abortion Be Legal? Page 6 References:
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