Abortion, a Controversial Subject in the U.S.

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Abortion, A Controversial Word in the U.S.
Carmen Winfield
Instructor Wakgira
August 26, 2012

Abortion is one of longest debated subjects in the United States. Everyone has an opinion on it. Abortion is the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus to end a pregnancy. Some are pro-choice and some are pro-life. Everyone has seen the protestors on sidewalks and in front of clinics with their signs for the pro-life side. We live in the United States, where we have the right to choose; therefore Abortion is legal. Some may still consider Abortion as murder, but still woman have a right to choose what they do with their own bodies. Pro-life group feel that the women should continue the pregnancy, have the child, and either deal with it when it is born or put it up for adoption. Pro-choice group feel that women have a choice to have an abortion if the feel like that is the right option for them. This paper will discuss the argument of Pro-Choice and why it is the best option for the United States. A lot of people may disagree with the Pro-choice status, but there are many reasons why a woman should have a say in what she does with her own body.

Pro-choice is best option because it keeps abortion legal in the United States. Obviously, there are some restrictions set in place. 32 states require a parental consent for minor undergoing an abortion. The highest percentages of women who receive abortions are Caucasians, unmarried and within the age range 0f 20 – 25. The period of most received abortions is within the first 8 weeks of gestations. Most women have abortions because a pregnancy would drastically change their lifestyle and/or they are not in a financially stable place in their life. Most abortion clinics will not perform a procedure after 8 weeks. There is now a drug called mifepristone that can be taken orally that is an alternative to a surgical procedure and most women have opted for this. This drug must be taken before 7 weeks. There is a confidentiality agreement between patients and clinics that must be signed. Mandatory counseling before and after procedures are performed. Post abortion birth control methods are discussed and put in place so abortions and unplanned pregnancies can be prevented. There are different types of birth control or a contraceptive that can suit the woman it all depends on what is best for her. The different types of options available are male/female condoms, daily pills, injections, patches, implants, vaginal rings, or abstinence. All of these things come into play when women are making the choice. (Richard, J.R., 1994)

Women choose abortion for many reasons. These reasons could make their decision painful for them, but to them they feel like this was best. Abortion could be the best option for many reasons such as, rape, incest, or health issues. If a woman has been raped she should not have to carry out such a painful reminder of what has happened to her everyday. Incest could be viewed in the same way, not only that there could be something wrong with the child. As well as health issues, such as an ectopic pregnancy, this could be a life threatening pregnancy to the woman and/or the baby so the pregnancy should be terminated. All of these are reasons that a woman should have opted for abortion, but what if she just simply is not ready for a child. Does this make her a bad person because she opts to have an abortion because she is not financially stable or whatever other reason hinders her from carrying out this pregnancy? Women can be at various stages in their life just like men can be, and they may not be ready for their whole life to be changed by pregnancy and raising a child so they opt for abortion. There are many reasons women make the decision, but no one should judge them but themselves.

Many people feel as though abortion is murdering a child. They feel as though the woman who has chosen to have the abortion has taken the fetuses right to a life. Most...

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