Abortion - Why It Is a Social Issue Today

Topics: Abortion, Roe v. Wade, Pregnancy Pages: 6 (2242 words) Published: April 15, 2013
By definition, abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by loss or destruction of the fetus before birth. An abortion may be spontaneous or induced. It is a practice that dates back to ancient times. When performed by a qualified physician and medical staff who are adequately trained about the proper medical and surgical abortion techniques, abortion is relatively safe. The decision to have an abortion is never simple. The reasons women give for having an abortion stresses their awareness of the responsibilities of parenthood and family life. When it comes to abortion, there is no shortage of reasons why a woman may choose to have one. What if the child is not wanted?

One of the favorite sayings of abortion advocates around the country is “Every Child a Wanted Child.” It seems understandable, until you realize what their remedy to unwantedness is. If a child isn’t wanted, then they say, it shouldn’t be born. Problem being though, that the child is already conceived and is growing each day, and the only way to keep the child from being born is to kill it. The way they justify this, is by stating that it is better for a child to be dead than for the child to be unwanted. Although this theory doesn’t work for the simple fact that no one makes such an argument about a child after it has been born. Is killing a baby really the remedy to the baby possibly being abused or neglected? Also even if the biological parents of the child want nothing to do with the child, there are plenty of families who are willing to adopt a child of any race or ethnicity. These potential parents only want a child to call their own. What if the mother can’t afford a child?

Abortion advocates often argue that it is acceptable for a woman to abort her pregnancy if she cannot afford to raise the child. While they try to be compassionate to the mother, they are basically saying that if the mothers of these babies will not be able to afford them, they have the right to kill them instead of give birth to them. The problem with this argument may be, there are plenty of babies born today that are born into poverty, and no one seems to be telling these mothers that they should have killed their babies instead of giving birth to them. Also if every baby was killed that their parents could not afford to raise, the abortion rate would skyrocket. Mothers have the option to consult with organizations such as Crisis Pregnancy Centers, who are there to help mother both financially and emotionally through their pregnancy. When help is needed, help can be found. What if the baby is deformed?

Abortion advocates argue that putting a child to death is an acceptable solution to that child living with a physical or mental disability. They state that it is better to abort the child instead of having a child who might grow up with a disability, as if having a disability takes away a child’s right to live and gives them a life full of misery. There are children of all ages, and adults too, who are alive today and are living through all stages of disability. There is always the possibility that the tests performed on these unborn children could be wrong, and aborting of them would have been unnecessary. Given the chance to live these children could prove to have very joyful and happy lives. What if the Mother is addicted to drugs?

It is not unheard of for an advocate of abortion to state “Do you really think a coke-addict should be forced to have a baby that will grow up being addicted to crack and living on the street?” They are basically saying that it is better to kill a baby than the baby being born addicted to drugs. Essentially they are assuming that the baby will be born addicted to drugs. When there are plenty of babies born today who have mothers who are still using drugs and these children have every right to be born, and although these children may be born addicted, they are able to break free of that addiction. What...
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