Abortion: Throuh a Feminist Ethic Lens

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Birth control Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Sherwin – “Abortion Through a Feminist Ethic Lens”
Feminists believe the controversy of abortion plays a large role in the equality between men and women. In the article “Abortion Through a Feminist Ethic Lens,” Susan Sherwin argues that the choice for abortion must be available for all women in order to liberate themselves from male dominance in our society. Sherwin believes that the pregnant woman is the only person in the position to make the decision on whether an abortion is appropriate or not, and that it is “improper to grant others the authority to interfere in women’s decisions to seek abortions” (113). A fetus is dependent on the woman and feminists believe that the fetus’s “social status and value must rest with the woman carrying it” (115). Pregnancy places heavy effects on the lives of women and takes place inside of their body; therefore policies on abortion uniquely affect women. Sherwin also argues that “women’s freedom to choose abortion is also linked with their ability to control their own sexuality” (114). Since male dominance exists, woman have limited control over their sexually lives. She backs up this argument by saying that men use “sex to express dominance and power” (114) and that few women feel they are able to refuse a man’s demand or want for sexual intercourse. Along with limited control over sex, Sherwin says since contraceptives alone cannot prevent pregnancy, abortion must be an available choice to free them from male dominance.

I find that Susan Sherwin’s argument that contraceptives pose difficulties for women is an extremely weak argument. Her first argument against contraceptives (condoms and diaphragms) is that they may be socially awkward to use (114). It is absurd for a woman not to use a contraceptive because it’s “socially awkward.” If a woman isn’t using a contraceptive because it is “socially awkward” she obviously does not care much about the chance of becoming pregnant. She also argues that...
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