Abortion Should be legall

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Abortion should be Legal

According to World Health Organization (WHO) unsafe abortion is defined as “A procedure for terminating unwanted pregnancy either by persons lacking the necessary skills or in an environment lacking minimal medical standards or both.” Each year approximately 1.3 million women decide to terminate their pregnancy in U.S.A according to a study published in Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. But why do women choose to end their pregnancies? Does legalizing of abortion in certain countries increase the number of abortions? The answer is no. Legalizing of abortion doesn’t have significant effect in the number. However, it has tremendous effect in decreasing the mortality rate of mothers and reducing health complications due to unsafe abortion. First, legalizing abortion decreases the mortality rate of mothers. There might be different reasons why women are forced to take the decision. Nevertheless, they made the decision because they couldn’t get alternative. Had there been an alternative to their decision for abortion, they wouldn’t carryout unsafe abortion in the countries where abortion is illegal. Worldwide 46 million abortions occur, and 20 million takes place in a country where abortion is illegal. (Facts in Brief: Induced Abortion Worldwide, 2003, Alan Guttmacher Institute). According to W.H.O the leading cause of maternal mortality in countries where abortion is illegal is unsafe abortion. A person who really cares about our mothers, sisters or/and daughters could easily understand how much it benefits women legalize abortion. Why should we lose our beloved ones, who have a bright future just because we couldn’t understand and mediate the facts. Second, legalization of abortion has a tremendous impact in reducing health complications due to unsafe procedures. Women who escape death due to unsafe abortion have a great chance to face health complications because most procedures endanger their...
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