Abortion Remain Legal

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 4 (834 words) Published: September 10, 2014
Sabrina Derryberry
Prof. Hoffman
English 1302
8 September, 2014
For the past forty-one years, legalization of abortion has been quite a controversy. Some groups are pro-life, wanting abortion to be illegal because it is another form of murder. However, other groups are pro-choice, allowing abortion to remain legal because there are many reasons and circumstances which an abortion is needed. Abortion should remain legal, because it is a woman’s right, women would not seek illegal abortions where their life would be in danger, and teenagers would continue to try be successful and focus on furthering their education.

Abortion should stay legal, because it is a women’s right, a right over her body and a right over her life. It would not be fair for the government to tell women that they could not have an abortion, because neither the government is going to pay for the unborn child nor is the government going to care and raise that child. Also, it would be a hassle for the government to leave the decision up the states, because some states would make abortion illegal and others would make abortion legal. Abortion has to be a decision left to women and not the government. Author Jost concluded this in his online article, “Abortion-rights advocates, however, note that polls show most Americans agree that the abortion decision should rest with women rather than the government. In any event, they say women's reproductive freedom should not be subject to the legislative process,” (Jost). Thus, abortion should remain legal, because women should remain the legal right to determine to carry a child or not.

Also, abortion should remain legal because, if abortion were to be made illegal then the controversy would no longer be about the legalization of abortion, but how to keep women safe from having illegal abortions. There would not be abortion clinics, resulting in women searching for other life threatening alternatives. Abortion clinics are sterile and...

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