Abortion: Pro Life or Pro Choice
Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy / Pages: 7 (1585 words) / Published: Nov 22nd, 2011

Pro Life or Pro Choice One of the most controversial issues in the polls today is the right for a woman to choose whether or not to abort a pregnancy. People who call themselves Pro-Life feel that it is the government’s responsibility to preserve all life, regardless of concerns for the pregnant woman’s health, or for the quality of the life of the child. The Pro-Choice argument feels that a woman should have autonomy and choice when it comes to what they wish to do with their own reproductive system, as long as the choice does not harm others (abortionfacts.com). The reason it is important for a woman to be able to choose is because the lack of choice could lead to social and medical problems for the mother, health problems for the child, and a poor environment for the child to grow up in. Every woman has the right to do what they want with their body, and every child should be a wanted child. The majority of the arguments against the right to be able to choose are religious reasons against the termination of the potential for life. The right to choice is important, because preserving one life can sometimes mean killing another. There are situations where a mother’s body is not prepared for a pregnancy, nor delivering a baby. Forcing them to carry the pregnancy to term can result in the death of the mother. This is most often seen when teenagers accidentally conceive, but whose bodies are not mature enough to carry a child. For example: the teenager is a normal girl; she has friends and family and is involved in high school activities. Due to her size, age, and physical maturity, she is not able to carry a baby to term. In the state that she lives in abortion is illegal. She dies delivering the baby. The death of a teenager is always tragic; the entire community is in mourning. The responsibility of the newborn falls on the family, who is already having trouble coping with the loss of their daughter. Years down the road the grandparents will

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