Abortion: Pro-Life

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Abortion: Pro-Life
“Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus” (Lowenstein). Abortion is and always has been a very controversial issue. The above definition explains why the debate of abortion is so debatable. A much asked question is whether or not the unborn child is considered human or not human. Since I am pro-life, I consider the unborn to be human, not just an embryo. I believe abortion should be illegal because it harm’s the pregnant woman’s body, it is against some religions. There are other options besides abortions available, and I believe that abortion is the murder of a human being. Abortion should be illegal to protect the unborn fetus; however, the mother’s health is also a major concern. One reason abortion should be illegal is because it is very dangerous for the woman getting the abortion. Approximately 1.6 million women get abortions each year; out of those women getting an abortion there is about one death for every 250,000 abortions (Lowenstein). One negative aspect that comes out of an abortion is psychological side effects. It is said that the women can feel the babies dying inside them as they get an abortions. This major psychological side effect is called post-abortion syndrome. According to Felicia Lowenstein, Frequently after an abortion women suffer from a range of mental and psychological problems such as recurrent dreams of the abortion experience, avoidance of emotional attachment, relationship problems, sleep disturbances, guilt about surviving, memory impairments, hostile outbursts, suicidal thoughts or actions, depressions, and substance abuse. In an article titled “Complications You Can Have With Your Abortion” abortion causes many other dangerous side effects: bladder injury, bowel injury, increased risk of...
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