Abortion: Population Control

Topics: Abortion, Fetus, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: October 24, 2005

America stands for freedom and that's what the people of the United States of America deserve. Regarding the issue of abortion, there is no other option than Pro-choice. The extremely controversial issue of abortion should not even be an issue. Americans have freedom to make there own decisions regarding there life and the life of there own unborn fetus. The reason this issue is so back and forth is because it wasn't around when the constitution was formed, saying nothing about abortion because it didn't exist. Abortion is legal and should remain legal as long as we live in a free society where we can make our own choices.

It would be wrong to rob Americans of there freedom to make there own decision in regarding abortion. In a recent case, Amanda Miller 17, was raped by a thirty-three year old Hispanic man. Miller was traumatized and later found out that the rape caused her to be pregnant. Should she be forced to have the baby? The answer is defiantly not. She was brutally raped and got pregnant against her will but some of society is still telling her to take on the responsibility of having the baby. Every time Miller would look at her baby she would be reminded of what had happened to her. Abortion should be legal to help kids like Amanda Miller. Thanks to abortion being legal Amanda was able to have the abortion stay in school and not have to quit the swim team, ASB and all of her friends.

Abortion should also be legal on a financial term. Thousands of babies today are born into poverty. Having a baby becomes a large financial burden on any family. Some couples that are not financially stable that have a baby, ruin both their lives and the life of the baby. Its not fair for the child that is born into a torn family or a family that cannot afford to put a healthy diet on the table. If abortion was illegal there would be thousands of more families that would be in financial debt and not be able to support a child. A family...
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