Abortion one of the most controversial in today’s medical world

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Human rights Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Of all legal, ethical, and moral issues abortion is one of the most controversial in today’s medical world. Many women feel that it is their right to choose and some people believe that they should not have that right. Some people feel that abortion should be ok if the women has been raped, incest, or even if their life is in danger. My personal opinion is that every baby from the start no matter if it is just an embryo has the right to life and the only reason a women should ever get an abortion is if their own health is in high risk. According to the United States Government, “The child in utero, at any stage of development in the womb” is protected by the unborn victim’s violence act of 2004. Medical professionals have the right toe follow their conscience and not participate in performing abortions, however as professionals they have to respect the patient’s viewpoints. It is very important not to let you own beliefs interfere.

There is all kinds of reasons an abortion can be performed. The main reason is if the women’s health is at risk, but some women take advantage of it and use it as a form of birth control. Early medical abortions are limited to the first 9 weeks of pregnancy that is if it is done legally. There are places that will do it illegally and do it all the way into the third trimester of pregnancy. A lot of young girls turn to places like that because of the need of consent of a parent.

There are two sides when it comes to abortion. There is Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. to make their own decision and that abortion is ok if wanted. When it comes down to the question is abortion right or wrong there really isn’t a question, but the value of conscience being. A lot of people put religion into the equation when it comes to abortion. Some people believe that god doesn’t give you anything you cannot handle and that he is making miracle happen when a women becomes pregnant. People that are not religious really do not take that into...
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