Abortion: Men too Suffer from Emotional and Physical Symptoms

Topics: Pregnancy, Unborn child, Abortion Pages: 4 (1515 words) Published: June 5, 2002
Are you a man? Have you ever dealt with the issue of losing or being in the process of losing a child in which you took part in making? It's difficult to truthfully answer these questions if you're not a man and if you haven't experienced abortion first hand. January 22, 1973 marked the beginning of a moral and political revolution in this country that would forever change many lives 1. The landmark decision ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court to legalize abortion with unrestricted procedures would profoundly affect women and men's lives. But the American society forgot half of the population that would be traumatized by this experience, just because they were men. Throughout the limited information available on this topic it was clearly evident that men do suffer both emotional and physical symptoms due to a personal abortion. Abortion is considered an inhuman procedure according to pro-life activists, but if it's the only option a female is willing to take to correct a mistake then it's a decision that needs to involve both sides that created the "problem."

When the decision comes down to abortion, where are the rights of the father? The way the law functions is that the father has no legal say in what happens to his unborn child. He is denied any rights to defend his child he cannot say one word about the continued existence of his child in the womb. The Supreme Court's decision literally stripped the father of all his parental rights regarding his own flesh and blood during the first nine months of his son or daughter's life. Only at birth can he engage in the child's life and have full rights along with obligations granted to him. How is it that the courts paved the way for women to dispose of a fetus if they want to with nothing stopping them because it's their body? Yet the men that helped create this new being has no say in what could or should happen with the life of the unborn! As many as 600,000 males annually, from all walks of life "do...
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