Abortion Is a Constitutional Issue}

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Birth control Pages: 5 (2177 words) Published: March 12, 2007
Abortion is a constitutional issue that questions whether it is ethically acceptable or a violation of the Constitution. It is a constant debate that revolves around moral, religious, and political values and effects several groups including pro-life supporters, pro-choice supporters, the state government, the federal government, courts, mothers, fathers, and most importantly, the child inside the womb. For one reason or another, these groups have their reasons and this essay will explore those arguments and their ethical value, while citing many of the conflicts that have arose in the United States over this highly controversial, constitutional topic. I believe that abortion should be outlawed in the United States with the exception of rape cases and other severe situations. The constitution states that all men are created equally and that every citizen has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of justice. Abortion is an operation that takes the lives of unborn children from when they are conceived until they are nine months old. The questions that the United States face are: Is abortion right or wrong? Should it be legal in the United States? What are its benefits and drawbacks? Statistics have offered information that demonstrates the rising controversy in the United States. In the world, there are approximately 126,000 abortions are performed each day, 46 million are performed per year. (abortiontv.com) These statistics include the whole world, but are just a preview into the high rate at which people are turning to abortion. Many people and associations agree and are doing to things to try to prevent this. They are trying to prevent early teen pregnancy and the murder of babies before they are born. The group that makes an effort towards this is the pro-life group. They fight for the rights of children and are fully against abortion. They believe that once a baby is conceived, it is considered a living human being and therefore it is murder in almost every circumstance. This number of pro-life people has risen to 42% in the last five years. Many people that are involved in this group are religious people, big companies, and people who are just against human lives being taken. The exception to this group's philosophy is that if rape or incest has occurred that it could be considered acceptable, but unfortunate. These groups air commercials and have billboards making people think twice as they drive by. A group called ‘Pro-Life Washington' collects donations and holds events to raise money to prevent abortion. Women perform abortions for many reasons. Many turn to it as a solution for rape. It is not fair to a woman to have to give birth to a child when they did not even choose to have sex. This is one of the justifiable reasons that women have to make this choice. The sad fact is that only one percent of abortions are executed because of rape victims. One more reason that women opt out of having a child is because of birth deformities and hazards to the mother carrying the child. They may choose to abort the baby because a doctor has already confirmed that it will not survive or that the mother will not survive the pregnancy. In this case, abortion can be beneficial, by possibly saving a life via ending another. Once again, the percentage of people in this situation who utilize abortion is only four percent. (Abortiontv.com) I believe that these are the only circumstances in which abortion is justifiable and it is sad that this is old five percent of abortions. This leaves another ninety-five percent that use abortion as a form of birth control. This means they have careless sex, because they know that they always have a legal option out. By keeping abortion legal to all women, it encourages women to have the procedure and in some ways gets rid of morals in the United States. The high rate of teenage pregnancy is evidence of this; every two out of five teens will become pregnant before the age of twenty. Is this...
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