Abortion: Is Not The Only Way

Topics: Roe v. Wade, Abortion, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (1224 words) Published: February 27, 2013
May18, 2012
Abortion is Not the Only Way
Murder, gruesome death. Blameless, infants. These terms do not belong together, but sad-ly, “every twenty- two seconds; a baby dies from abortion” (Physicians crusade against abortion). The Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 legalized that a woman, along with her doctor, could choose abortion in earlier months of pregnancy without restriction, and with limitations in later months (Lay of the land mines). Unexpected pregnancies commonly end in a termination of life. Scared and confused, women assume that an abortion is the only option. Women, who are considering abortion for personal reasons, should instead choose adoption. Adoption is the second choice, as well as the better choice. Abortion has been one of the largest debatable issues in American Society. There are so many aspects and views to examine before one can even begin to form their own opinion. Politi-cian's views are quite different than the views of a religious person. The most important aspect to consider is the medical side of abortion. There are so many medical facts that make abortion very dangerous. There isn’t any reason for an abortion because there are so many other alternatives. After researching the facts, and seeing the medical, political and religious views, I believe most of our society would agree with me in saying abortion should not be an option. Clinical research provides a growing body of scientific evidence that having an abortion can cause psychological as well as physical harm to women (The physician’s crusade). Many times, after an abortion, women feel worthless and victimized because they failed at the most natural of human activities- the role of being a mother. Many women who have had an abortion also suffer from Post-abortion Syndrome (New Zealand Herald). Women suffering from PAS may experience drug and alcohol abuse, sexual dysfunction, personal relationship disorders, re-peated abortions, communication difficulties, damaged...
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