Abortion Is Not Murder in the Right Circumstances

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Human Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: March 7, 2005
Abortion Is Not Murder under the Right Circumstances

She was only twelve, only for a walk on the street right by her house when he got to her. The experience was terrifying and all she wanted to do was forget about it, forget about him on top of her, making her do things that should only be done with someone she loves. The rape is finally over and he lets her go after making her promise not to tell. A few weeks after the rape she still hadn't told, but started feeling woozy and nauseous in the morning; she went and consulted in her mother. After waiting out what she believes was a stomach flue for another few weeks she saw that her belly started to grow. She finally told her mother what had happen and the little twelve year old girl was 4 weeks pregnant. A heated discussion among students, parents and government officials is whether abortion should be legal. I recently read an article about a twelve year old girl who had been raped and had her child because no one gave her the option of abortion, her family felt that she would embarrass the family because it was morally wrong. Would it have been wrong for this child to theoretically murder her newborn? Murder is the act of taking another's life with malicious thoughts; it is also taking the life of another human being without medical supervision and by brutal ways. I believe that abortion is not murder if none of those three apply, in the right circumstance, abortion is not murder.

Abortion is the act of terminating a pregnancy. If a woman is raped and is impregnated by the rapist, I feel that she has the right to abort her baby. If that same woman is then outcast by society for having that abortion, that is morally wrong. Women are not always meant to have children, but they do. If the states made it easier to go through with abortion we would not have as many kids in foster care or abandoned. Another case would be that of a teenager making the wrong decisions. Children having children is not a...
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