Abortion Ethical Dilemma

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Fetus Pages: 4 (1654 words) Published: February 21, 2010

Ethical Dilemma

An 18 year old girl gets pregnant and can’t decide whether to keep the baby or have an abortion. Her parents are very religious and do not believe in sex before marriage therefore would not take to kindly to their daughter being pregnant.

She does not want to kill her unborn child but feels like there is no other option besides having an abortion. There are many reasons that one would decide upon getting an abortion

and against having one. This ethical dilemma along with all other ethical dilemmas is a situation where

right and wrong share a very thin line. The right decision for some might be wrong for others and vice

versa which is why it is so difficult to decide upon. Some people, for example the girl in this dilemma,

would want to do what she thinks is right by having the baby but might choose abortion because she knows that it will cause her many problems to have the baby. Abortion is legal in Canada so it’s not as if the girl would be breaking any laws but then she would have to live with the decision she made. This can be classified as Justice vs. Mercy under the right vs. right pillar because the girl wants to give her child mercy and let it live but at the same time her parents would want to get justice and would punish her for getting pregnant to begin with. It can also be classified as Deviation from moral rectitude under the three pillars of right vs. wrong dilemmas because it is not a violation against laws within Canada but they go against the girl’s moral grain. If the girl believes that getting an abortion doesn’t feel right to her, than she should know that it might not be the right thing to do. This is the dilemma where if it doesn’t feel good or if it is not something that’s right, then it must be wrong in the eyes of whoever has to make the decision. (Follert 2008)

The girl in this dilemma has probably weighed the decision about what to do many times...
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