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Abortion Essay

By adamsmolar Feb 26, 2014 526 Words

Matthew Friedman

Ethics Reflection

Topic: Abortion

Date: November 28, 2012

Teacher: Mr. Duchene

In today’s society, pregnancy is extremely common. Hundreds of babies are born every single day. Pregnancy comes mainly from young adults, older adults, and in many cases these days, even teens. Pregnancy does not always happen by choice. With the case where the pregnant women does not want the baby, there is a procedure called an abortion. Briefly, an abortion is when after finding out they are pregnant, women can go to their doctor and intentionally terminate their pregnancy. For the last decade, it has been a debate whether abortions are correct or incorrect. Personally, I believe that abortions are completely correct. There are so many cases where women become pregnant at an incorrect time. The main reasons that abortions occur are due to teen pregnancy, the inability to support a child and contraceptive failure. Firstly, there are many people who can’t support a baby due to their age. Time and maturity are the main reasons. Let’s take teen pregnancy for example. This is becoming a huge issue today, because teenagers are becoming more sexually active in their lives. People make mistakes, and abortions can solve this issue. If a teen does not use protection and becomes pregnant, this procedure can help them. A teenager is not prepared to take care of a child. They won’t have time to take care of themselves plus a child. An abortion is never recommended but encouraged due to the situation of the pregnancy. This has proven to be very helpful for many teens in the past couple of years. Secondly, many adults can’t support children due to financial issues, yet; many adults want to have children. Having a child is expensive, and some people aren’t ready for the joyful challenge. After they become pregnant, they realize that having a baby isn’t going to work for them. Now that abortions are occurring, this mistake can be solved and brought on for a further date. Most people are smart enough to realize this, but there still are people who act without reflection on the consequences. To add on, some pregnancies occur do to contraceptive errors. This reason is an unexpected pregnancy. Sometimes, the contraceptive method chosen may be defective one time, and that one time may result in becoming pregnant. Once this unplanned situation occurs, the couple starts to panic. With the procedure of an abortion, the stress and nerves of these two will be dropped. This unforced pregnancy happens from time to time, and can be solved by seeing a doctor and discussing the issues. I truly believe that abortions are correct in our society. Many people may disagree, but after looking a variety of websites and researches done, I am sticking with my opinion. Having an abortion can be a way to save your life from many difficulties. A child should be brought into the world once the parents are living in stable conditions. Adults and teens make mistakes and because of an abortion, their problems can be solved.

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