Abortion Drug Kills Woman in Australia at Marie Stopes

Topics: Abortifacient, Mifepristone, Abortion Pages: 4 (1400 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Abortion Drug Kills Woman in Australia at Marie Stopes
The first woman in Australia has died from a lethal infection contracted after using the deadly RU 486 abortion drug. The abortion pill has killed more than a dozen women worldwide and potential dozes of women across the globe, according to its European manufacturer. The woman has not been named by government officials but she received the abortion drug at a Marie Stopes International abortion facility in 2010. She contracted streptococcus A infection and died of sepsis at that time but her death is only coming to light now. The Australian newspaper indicated the case was reported to a coroner, but no inquest was convened. It also reported Marie Stopes International Australia and the Therapeutic Goods Administration refused to release information about the woman’s death, citing patient confidentiality. However, the TGA is telling abortion practitioners giving women the abortion drug to step up the treatment they provide following abortions. As The Australian reports:

Marie Stopes clinical services director Jill Michelson said of the woman’s death: “This is a tragic outcome and our sympathies are with her family. The coroner dispensed with holding an inquest, and the case is closed.” Michelson said the woman had died of sepsis “some days after” having the medical abortion at one of MSIA’s 14 Australian clinics. She could not say whether there had been further contact between the service and the woman. Asked when the woman became ill, Ms Michelson said: “It was certainly not in the initial period” after the abortion. In the six-month period to June 30 last year – the latest for which figures are available – the drug was given to an extra 5383 Australian women, a spike of 48 per cent. About 85,000 abortions a year are performed in Australia, mostly for women who choose not to continue pregnancy. MSIA operates clinics in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, ACT and Western Australia. After being notified of the death,...
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