Abortion Debate 7

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Abortion debate Pages: 4 (1560 words) Published: May 28, 2007
The Abortion Debate
Abortion has been a heavily debated topic in different societies throughout the world in past and present years. Unfortunately many do not see eye to eye on this subject, often causing outrage and extreme opinions by people across the nation (although it has been debated throughout the globe). There are various viewpoints of abortion (different degrees of opinions), due to personal experience, family values, religious beliefs, etc. Although beliefs on abortion vary in their extremities, the main beliefs of abortion are pro-life, pro-choice, abortion under the circumstance of rape and incest, and abortion under the circumstance of physical danger of the mother. Those most involved in the abortion debate are women of all ages, the government who passes the laws, and men who would take on responsibility of raising a child if abortion was outlawed. Currently the constraints to the topic of abortion are the laws passed by government and personal and religious beliefs of many people in various societies. The argument over abortion has been around for years. However, in the past couple of decades the debate has gained much attention, with some feeling that women should have the choice to terminate a pregnancy and take control of their own bodies. Some women who become pregnant feel that they are not ready to have a child and would not have the resources to support a family. Others are afraid of the health risks that can come along with pregnancy, determining that the life of a mother is the most important factor in a pregnancy. Past and present concern has been based on the government's decisions to make abortion only illegal in some states. One of the most important past decisions was Rowe v. Wade in 1973, which legalized abortion in the United States (Associated Press 1). This was considered a landmark case in the United States' history when dealing with abortion. However, despite the Supreme Court's firm ruling, it has not stopped...

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