Abortion: Can It Be Prevented?

Topics: Pregnancy, Human sexual behavior, Sex education Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: August 13, 2006
Abortion amongst teenagers has increased within the last decade. Due to the lack of parental guidance and education at school, children are more prone to engaging in unprotected sex, which is one of the leading causes to abortion. Through the years, different techniques are being utilized to prevent pregnancies or give alternatives to abortion. Better education regarding sex and improvements with contraception has made a lot of advancements in the past years.

Teenage attitudes towards abortion in general and for themselves vary greatly. Some thinks that it is always wrong for a woman to have an abortion. Some see it as all right for some women but wrong for themselves. Others believe that abortion is acceptable for themselves and others. These different views are tied clearly to the decisions pregnant girls make concerning the outcome of their own pregnancies. These views need to be influenced by the parents of these teens. They need to be taught that abortion can be evaded (Voydanoff 73).

For many teens, abortion is used as a coping mechanism for adolescents who are not ready for parenthood. The intention to have an abortion is the most important determinant of actually having an abortion. The most important things to consider when having intentions to have an abortion are the attitude towards abortion, perceived costs of parenting, and the perceived of mother, male partner, and clergy. Parents need to step in and talk to their children about sex and the consequences if they do become pregnant. They need to get through to their children that all of this could be avoided. (East 123)

Many national organizations have suggested that certain approaches be administered by teachers in the classroom regarding sex education. These approaches included abstinence, reducing the number of partners, knowledge of the STD's, and using contraceptives effectively when becoming sexually active. Abstinence is stressed for preventing unwanted pregnancies and STD's (Landry...

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