Abortion and the Rights of Minors

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Today, teenage abortion has become a complicated issue. We are faced with the decision of "WHO CHOOSES", the parent or their pregnant teenage daughter. While most parents are informed and support their daughter's decision whatever the decision may be, other parents doesn't get informed about their daughter's pregnancy or about getting an abortion. Instead they have illegal abortions or travel outside of the state to have an abortion because it is illegal in their home state. Because of this situation, parents have a right to know when their teenage daughter is having an abortion so they can know if any complications occur after the procedure. These teenagers are going through this because they are becoming sexually active at a very young age. Their hormones are surging as they begin to deal with adult roles and expectations about sexual behavior (Crews 2005). They believe that they can handle the responsibilities of being sexually active with many sexual partners until they find out that they have contracted a sexually transmitted disease or gotten pregnant. When they find out that they are pregnant, it becomes very hard on them and the parents, and while some decide to go through the pregnancy and keep the baby others decide on abortion. The ones that decide on the abortion are the ones whose parents don't know about the pregnancy and they go without their parent's knowledge for an abortion. As it was stated earlier that parents should know that their daughter's are getting abortion, but there are some circumstances a parent doesn't need to know if their daughter's are getting an abortion. There are two sides to this issue of teen abortion and parental rights that will be argued on later but first let's discuss about abortion and the history of it. Abortion is when the embryo or fetus is removed from the uterus resulting in or caused by death. In Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, it states that abortion can also occur through a miscarriage or induced through chemical, surgical or other means. Abortion has been traced back to ancient times. There is evidence that historically pregnancies were terminated through many methods, like the administration of abortifacient herbs, the use of sharpened implements, the application of abdominal pressure, and other procedures (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2006). Also back then, women could end their pregnancy by doing violent exercises, energetic jumping, riding animals, and carrying heavy objects. There are four forms of abortions that can be done to terminate the pregnancy. There is Spontaneous abortion, which is generally known as a miscarriage which happens due to natural causes. Most miscarriages happen in early pregnancy. Then there is Induced abortion, where a miscarriage happens either accidental or intentional. The most common method for an abortion where the embryo or fetus is suctioned out by using a manual syringe, which is known as a Manual vacuum aspiration or by the electric pump that is known as an Electric vacuum aspiration is the surgical abortion. Another form is D&E, which is called surgical dilation and evacuation where you open up the cervix of the uterus and emptying it using surgical instruments and suction. The last form of abortion is Chemical abortion which is also referred to as a medical abortion. In Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia it states that the process begins with administration of either methotrexate or mifepristone, followed by misoprostol. When used right, about 98% of women undergoing this procedure will experience the abortion without surgical intervention. With all this said about abortion and how it is performed, abortion in general is topic of controversy, but teenage abortion is much more controversial because of the legal issues surrounding it. Before I start to express the issues and emotions on both sides of the subject, first I would like to express my views on this subject of abortion. I believe that abortion is wrong. Killing...

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