Abortion and Birth Control

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Abortion and Birth Control

Abortion and Birth Control
Birth Control has many factors and issues that make it a great subject to debate for or against. The rights and responsibilities of the topic are very necessary to solve the surrounding issues involved. Individuals seek help in making the decision on the topic of birth control and abortion which may change his or her life forever. Factors such as religion and age come into play to help sway the decision a certain way. Behavior can have a major effect before and after the decision has been made. Religion and Beliefs

Many questions arise when abortion and birth control are spoken of. The concept of the correct age of maturity is some issues that may rise. Birth control comes in many forms from abstinence to devices. Abortion can be thought of as a method of birth control after the female has already become pregnant. One view of birth control and abortion is that it is morally wrong. Another opinion is that it is unnatural. The behavior elements of morals are social. Morals are mainly made of the good or bad behaviors. Individuals have different concepts of acceptable behavior. The decision whether who and what is right or wrong is judged by everyone. In some situations morals are set aside.  A known and difficult decision is should pregnancy due to rape be aborted. The situation is a result of a criminal act. Some people may state that the child should be aborted because of the resentment the mother may feel from knowing the conception. Adoption is an option but it is also taking a risk. There are risks when dealing with adoption. Individuals are taking chances on the life of another such s the child not being adopted and growing up in the system. Chances are that the child could have abusive adoptive parents. The child may have emotional issues such as feeling unwanted and resented. Religion is a motivation of what behaviors are considered appropriate. Some religions such as Catholics do not agree nor accept the idea of abortion or birth control under no circumstances. Many other religions condemn abortion also. The Hindu believed that the fetus is endowed with a divine spirit and that makes abortion a heinous crime (Cline, 2010). Individuals live and abide by the rules of religious beliefs as if it were law. Parental Thoughts of Birth Control

Before deciding whether or not to put a teen on birth control pills, one needs education in the advantages and disadvantages of it. This subject has been explained through a pediatrician. Dr. Susan Church, the pediatrician, spoke at an understandable level. The pediatrician began by asking questions to the teenager about her menstrual cycle. Many of the symptoms she questioned were symptoms the adolescent experienced and it was attestable by the mother. The next questions asked were about the teen’s future. After the doctor finished the groundwork, an explanation of the types of contraceptives was the topic at hand; it went into depth about the advantages of the PILL. The doctor explained that the PILL would relieve the pain associated with the monthly menstrual cramps, help premenstrual syndrome (PMS), the cycle would be easy to remember, and it would decrease the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). The PILL also could offer some preventative benefits against benign breast cysts and some protection against ovarian and uterine cancers. There is the condom; with this method the effectiveness is good for STDs, as long as it is used properly, and pregnancy. Although the PILL can be successful if taken properly, there are disadvantages as well, which is the fact of becoming pregnant and the risk of an STD. As explained by the pediatrician, it is not anyone else’s business when a person is taking control pills but the person taking it. A teenager should not tell friends or a significant other that birth control pills are being taken. Doing so, many teens are troubled with the peer pressure...

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