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“A woman received horrific internal injuries when a consultant gynecologist attempted an abortion he was not capable of performing, the UK General Medical Council (GMC) was told in March 2003. Andrew Gbinigie ruptured the patient's womb during the abortion, and pulled out her right fallopian tube and ovary, and her urethra – the tube connecting the kidney to the bladder. Only after he had removed a piece of bowel did he realize something was wrong and called for help from staff at Birmingham's Calthorpe Clinic. The woman was rushed to a hospital for specialist treatment and her life was saved, although one of her kidneys had to be removed.”

According to the U.S. Department of Justice somewhere in America a women is raped every two minutes and every year, and about 12,000 teenagers have abortions. Abortion is when the pregnancy, most of the time at an early stage, is ended so that it does not result in the birth of a child. The pregnancy is removed from the womb, either by taking pills (medical abortion) which involves taking medicines to cause a miscarriage or by surgery (surgical abortion) where the pregnancy is removed from the womb. Abortion is one of the most conflict-ridden social issues in western society that still is and has been so for a long time. There are many different reasons why abortions became legal but there’s always an explanation behind the process of it, the effects of it, and why people do it. Abortion became a crime and a sin for several reasons because at that time abortion was a dangerous procedure done with rough methods, few antiseptics, and high mortality rates. Women who are determined not to carry an unwanted pregnancy have always found some type of way to try to abort the baby. They have resorted to dangerous, sometimes deadly methods, such as inserting knitting needles or coat hangers into the vagina and uterus, douching with dangerous solutions like lye, or swallowing strong drugs or chemicals. It was because at the time,...
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