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What is Abortion?
An abortion means to end a pregnancy prematurely.
There are two types of Induced abortions:
* Medical Abortion: This is when pills are used to terminate the pregnancy. * Surgical Abortion: This is when procedures such as Suction Aspiration or Dilation And Evacuation are used to terminate the pregnancy. Medical Abortions:

Some of you may have heard of the ‘abortion pill’, well this is what I am referring to with medical Abortions. Medical abortions are used for pregnancies up to 9 weeks in. It basically involves the mother taking a pill. It is fairly low risk and has a 98% success rate according to betterhealth.com. The most common ‘abortion pill’ is mifepristone with misoprostol. The mifepristone would be taken at the clinic and essentially prevents the progesterone from doing its role, forcing a miscarriage. A day later, another pill would be taken, this pill includes the misoprostol as well which helps the uterus in the contractions to EXPELL the pregnancy. Painful cramps is likely to be experienced, similar to bad period pains.

Surgical Abortions:
The two main types of Surgical abortions are the Suction Curette Abortion and the Dilation and Evacuation Abortion. Suction Curette: This procedure is for those between 7 and 12 weeks in and is the most commonly used. This involves the patient being placed under a local anaesthetic and a tube being fed through to the uterus. Suction is then applied to remove the foetus and placenta and the lining of the uterus is scraped to make sure everything has been removed. Dilation and Evacuation: This procedure is for pregnancies over 12 weeks and involves the enlargement and stretching of the opening to the uterus and then the removal of the foetus and the placenta. Most of the time the foetus is removed in parts. This procedure has higher risks than most. Excessive bleeding, cramps, infection and even failure to remove all parts of the foetus are all risk factors. Dilation...
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