Abolitionists Summary

Topics: Abolitionism, Slavery in the United States, William Lloyd Garrison Pages: 4 (1171 words) Published: August 1, 2013
The Abolitionists is a documentary about some of the people who fought for the end of slavery, putting their entire lives at risk. They took a stand against something they thought was wrong, Here are some of the abolitionists stories:

Angelina Grimkey was part of a wealthy white family and lived in luxury in Charleston, SC. Each member of the family had their own slave, which doesn’t allow her to have to do anything for herself. Grimkey still didn’t believe in slavery and was upset every time a family member beat or whipped their slave. Angelina believed slavery was a sin and God punished those who owned slaves. In the fall of 1829, Grimkey decided to leave Charleston and move north. It was known as disobedience to proper society for her to speak out, but she did it anyway. Angelina wanted to become an abolitionist.

The invention of the cotton gin during the Industrial Revolution caused more needed slave to tend to the fields as cotton demands grew. By the late 1820s, there were over 20 million slaves in bondage in the U.S.

William Lloyd Garrison was a white abolitionist from Boston who believed God wanted him to make a change due to his religious background. His father was a drunk and abandoned his family when Garrison was just 2. His mother left him for years on end to look for work. He moved to Baltimore in 1829, where he lived amongst free blacks, to take a job in an antislavery newspaper. William Lloyd Garrison demanded immediate abolition of slavery and envisioned blacks to engulf in the inalienable rights everyone else had: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the fall of 1830, Garrison moved back to Boston to start his own newspaper by getting support from whoever wanted to help. On January 1, 1831, Garrison published The Liberator to express his feeling on slavery and promote immediate abolition. He worked for 8 months producing the paper.

Frederick Douglass was young when he was located to the Maryland eastern shore. At just 6...
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