Abolition and Women's Rights

Topics: Abolitionism, American Civil War, American Anti-Slavery Society Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Throughout history both African-Americans and women have fought for equal rights. Their right to work, vote and overall be accepted for who they were. No matter gender or race. In the fight for equal rights, movements were made including abolitionism and women rights activism. In the same way Women and African Americans fought for their rights by speaking out and including their own life experiences.

The first to speak out against slavery were the Quakers, who said it was a violation of religious principle. The start of abolition was brought up from those who were inspired by Charles Finney. Abolition led many and formed an American Anti-Slavery society. Those involved and gave their voices include former slaves, such as Frederick Douglas and Sojourner Truth. Similar to the Anti-Slavery movement, women’s rights also followed. It was the combining of the fight for women’s rights. It was the combining of the fight for women’s rights and African American Rights. As well did Sojourner Truth speak for abolition and women’s rights. In the same manner these activists African American, women, or both they fought for their rights.

Abolitionists faced certain problems in the fight to end slavery. Once the strength in abolition increased, as well did the violence against abolition. Even northern opposition, was the cause of fear of competing with African American for jobs. Many mobs attacked even killing Elijah Lovejoy an abolitionist’s editor. On the other hand women faced other problems. But with the help of public speakers who influenced the women’s movement Lucy Stone was said to be “the first who really stirred the nation’s heat on the first subject of women’s wrongs.” Many of these speakers did experience violent heckling, even Stone once had a prayer book thrown up by a man in the audience.

Therefore during the start of anti-slavery movements and women’s rights these activists shared similar struggles in the fight for their rights. Both groups of women and...
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