Abolishing the SATs

Topics: Norm-referenced test, SAT, Educational Testing Service Pages: 4 (1068 words) Published: November 30, 2014
Rhianna Sabbagh
Professor Tracey Nashel
English 101
22 September 2014

Abolishing the SAT

It is quite apparent that education is a major key to success, however, is it exactly a fair shot when we are determined of that by a standardized test? As if we all are intelligent in the same type of ways? Human beings are bright, brilliant creatures. A part of what makes us so interesting is all the different strengths we have, because we are not all the same. SAT scores are not a necessary part of the college acceptance process. As soon as we are put into the school system as children we are immediately taught that getting good grades makes you smart, and getting bad grades makes you dumb. We are taught that honor roll students get labeled “gifted” as C or D range students are labeled only “average” or even “slow” or “below average”. Yet, does a simple standardized test with computer calculated answers determine our true intelligence? Is it legitimately fair to say one is not smart if the test is not scored high enough to society’s standards? We are humans. We are fascinating creatures; and the measures we have pushed our brains to is impeccable. In every type of activity and subject, we continue to strive as people. An enormous factor of our future is our education. It is just more likely to live a more comfortable life financially, if you educate yourself and get a degree. But why if there are so many different types on intelligence, does one kind of test deteriorate if people will make it or not? In baseball, it takes three strikes to get out. You need to get four chips in a row in Connect 4. There are five judges in the Olympics. So how could it be sensible if all these other parts of life you are given more than one try, but to be accepted into a school you get one score to determine your landing? Even if people try to take the test two or three more times… It still is one scored gathered to reach a final number. At some universities they require a...
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