Abnormal Psychology Timeline

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Abnormal Psychology Timeline

16th century B.C.- 2 Egyptian Papyri were found that detailed treatments of wounds and different surgeries that were done. 460-377 B.C.- Hippocrates made contributions to the field of medicine. 429-347 B.C.- Plato studied patients with mental disorders. 384-322 B.C.- Aristotle wrote papers on mental disorders and wrote up descriptions of consciousness. Middle ages- Patients were thought to be possessed and were given exorcisms when they actually had mental disorders that needed to be treated. 16th Century on- Asylums were built to house people with mental disorders. 1745-1826 France- Phillippe Pinel came up with a more humane way to treat the mentally ill. Late 1800’s- Benjamin Franklin proposed using electricity to treat mentally ill patients. Thus electroshock therapy. 1802-1877 Dorothea Dix- Mental Hygiene Movement

1946- Jane Ward published “The Snake Pit”
19th and 20th Century- (1) biological discoveries, (2) the development of a classification system for mental disorders, (3) the emergence of psychological causation views, and (4) experimental psychological research developments.
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