Abnormal Psychology Notes

Topics: Psychology, Adaptive Behavior, Psychiatry Pages: 4 (632 words) Published: July 29, 2010
I. Introduction and History
a. Three categories of beliefs about the etiology of psychopathology i. Supernatural-demonology, gods, magic
ii. Biological basis (somatogenesis)
iii. Psychological basis (psychogenesis)
b. Philippe Pinel
iv. Removed chains from patients and treated them kindly as an experiment; found it was successful c. Dorothea Dix
v. Aroused worldwide awareness of inhumane treatment for the mentally ill and established 32 mental hospitals around the world d. Moral Treatment Management
vi. Wide-ranging method of treatment that focused on the physical well being of hospitalized mental patients e. Lobotomy
vii. Proved to be ineffective
f. Deinstitutionalization movement and effects on society viii. Forces that initiated movement: miracle drugs, labeling, recognition of institutional hazards like sociocultural isolation, powerlessness, and passivity and withdrawl, transferred responsibility from states to federal and private institutions ix. Positives: fewer patients spend time in inpatient hospitals x. Negatives: homeless patients; jailed; nursing homes; focused on medication; more stigma than physical illness II. Paradigms of Psychopathology

g. Paradigms
xi. Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic Paradigm
1. Main premise: symptoms of psychopathology result from repressed unconscious conflicts within the individual 2. Corollary: treatment goal is to make unconscious conflicts conscious, thereby removing the need for symptoms 3. Sigmund Freud

xii. Behavioral Paradigm
4. Both maladaptive and adaptive behavior is learned 5. Treatment consists of unlearning maladaptive behavior and/or learning new adaptive behaviors 6. B.F. Skinner

xiii. Humanistic Paradigm
7. All humans will strive for...
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