Abnormal Psychology Andrea Yates

Topics: Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Psychosis Pages: 4 (1295 words) Published: September 18, 2011
Andrea Yates
PSY 303 On June 20, 2001 five children were murdered by their own mother. Andrea Yates and her husband Russell lived in suburban Houston, Texas. The couple had five children, Noah 7, Paul 3, John 5, Luke 2 and Mary who was only 6 months old. Andrea and her husband both were young educated parents. Andrea who was a nurse and Russell who worked for NASA as an engineer at the Johnson Space Center. Andrea grew up Catholic and her husband Russell grew up Methodist. Andrea came from a family of loving parents and so did her husband Russell. On the morning of that June day, Russell kissed the kids as he did every morning before work and had left the kids happy eating their breakfast at the table. At 9 am Russell received a phone call from Andrea saying that he needed to come home. As Russell rushed home from his job, Andrea had already called the authorities and emergency crews and said she had killed all of her five children. As the police entered the home, Andrea stood cold faced and admitted to the attending officers that she and she alone drowned her five young children. As Russell rushed to his wife’s side, she admitted also to him, as she stood in handcuffs that she had killed all five of their children. Russell dropped to the ground where emergency crews attended to his broken, shocked body. As Andrea was questioned about the murders, she stood still, no emotion, stoned face and serious as she told the detectives that she was marked by Satan and the only way to save her children from hell was to kill them. And by the state punishing her for the children’s deaths, Satan himself would be destroyed.

As Andrea told her story, detectives, invited psychiatrists to interview Andrea before she was to be put in jail. That is when they found the answers they have been looking for. As Andrea was arrested and charged with capital murder, she still...

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