Abnormal psychology

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Abnormal psychology has been in existence for more than a century. Mental illness was approached from a spiritual point of view. Individuals of certain beliefs would misdiagnose others from the spiritual perspective and would assume that evil spirits controlled his or hers physical, mental, and observable world (Tyrer, 2010). The following will be covered in this document: Abnormal and normal psychology, Mental illness and Personality disorders, and Therapies for each illness mentioned in this paper. Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal psychology is a branch of psychology that studies unusual patterns of behavior, emotion, and thought. The term deals with a wide range of disorders from depression, obsessive- compulsive behaviors, to sexual deviation. There are a three types of different perspectives used in abnormal psychology; behavioral, medical, and cognitive approaches. The four D’s

Criteria for initial diagnosis can be known as the four D’s, deviance, distress, dysfunction, and danger. These four patterns are found in psychologically abnormal individuals, and the professional must evaluate and take steps based on their presence. The first D, deviance, refers to the difference from the norm. The second D is determining a problem large enough to constitute a diagnosis is dysfunction. The dysfunction must be extreme enough to affect the individual not only within his own mind, but also in the broader scheme of performing in the real world. The third D is distress. It is related to dysfunction because it is a way to measure the perception of dysfunction. The more the individual is told there is nothing to worry about, the more worried they become. The fourth D is danger to self and danger to others. There is an

element of danger with every diagnosis. There are cases when the patient is suicidal or homicidal. There are other cases where the ongoing dysfunction of a person’s life is damaging to others. All mental illnesses can carry...
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