abnormal psychology

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Case Analysis

February 2, 2012

Psychodynamic theories influence interpersonal relationships through Harry, Stack Sullivan’s stages. Using the psychodynamic approach encourages individuals to understand the unconscious and conscious mental processes that contribute to interpersonal relationships. These concepts lead to a brief overview of Karen Horney’s life and her psychodynamic theories. Karen Horney is a psychologist, who struggled with depression and felt neglected as a child. As an adult, she developed her psychodynamic theories and how these theories can affect individual personalities. The psychodynamic theories, influence interpersonal relationships and affect individual personalities through Sullivan’s stages and Horny’s theories. The psychodynamic theories focus on how an adult’s personality is shaped by the childhood influences of their parents. The psychodynamic approach to interpersonal relationships was developed by psychoanalyst Harry Stack Sullivan (1892-1949). His theory suggest that peoples interactions with others especially those that people have intimate relationships with, are essential to ones feeling of security, sense of self, and a sense of well being. These dynamics in interpersonal an relationship which influence an individual’s behavior and motivates them. For Sullivan interpersonal relationships, include his many stages in which an individual eventually develops positive or good feelings towards the people around them, and their self. Anxiety can cause interpersonal relationships to fail, can cause dissatisfaction when an individual and their needs are not fulfilled. The individual learns to cope with anxiety and learns to perceive people for who they are (Vandenbos, 2007). Interpersonal relationships are influenced by the psychodynamic approach because they are important to our unconscious and conscious mental processes. The psychodynamic approach is the interplay of...

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