ABnormal Psychology

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Historical Perspectives of Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology is a section of medical psychology that studies the structure of mental activity, patterns of decay in comparison with the norm and provides qualified psychopathological phenomena in terms of modern psychology. Psychology and psychiatry played a leading role in the development of Abnormal Psychology. Abnormal Psychology as a psychological discipline comes out of patterns of development and structure of the psyche. It examines patterns of mental disorder and personality traits in relation to the laws of the formation and flow of mental processes in normal. It examines patterns of brain activity reflecting distortions. Abnormal Psychology use in their research methods of psychology. At the beginning of XX century researchers of mental activity herald of extracting specific field of expertise - Abnormal Psychology. Special conditions of the study and specific statement questions led to the formation of self-discipline - Experimental Psychopathology. It faces but not fused with clinical psychiatry, general and individual psychology. It is a scientific discipline that studies the mental life of the mentally ill, called psychopathology or abnormal psychology. The prevalence of mental illness has not decreased significantly in the past 10 years and has in fact, increased in frequency regarding specific conditions such as anxiety and mood disorders (Clifford, 2010). In one of the first general works of "Psychopathology in the application of psychology" Swiss psychiatrist G. Shtorynh pursued the idea that change as a result of illness or other item sincere life gives an indication of its importance and place within the complex mental phenomena. Pathological material contributes to the formulation of new problems in psychology, besides psychopathological phenomena may serve criterion for evaluation of psychological theories. Abnormal...

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