Abnormal Behavior and Psychopathology

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RUNING HEAD: Abnormal Behavior and Psychopathology

Abnormal Behavior and Psychopathology
Ilvana Musinovic
Abnormal Psychology
Dr. Price
University of Phoenix

Abnormal Behavior and Psychopathology
According to Butcher, Mineka and Hooley, (2007), the earliest treatment of mental disorders were practiced by Stone Age. For certain mental disorders, such as those who complained of headache and showed raging behavior, it was blamed on bad spirits. During this age, abnormal behavior often attributed to possession and those possessions depended on the person’s symptoms. If a person’s speech or behavior appeared to have mystical significance, it was usually labeled as good spirit or god. Such people were often treated with respect and “people believed they had supernatural powers” (Butcher, Mineka, Hooley, 2007, p. 3). However, many possessions were considered to be due to an evil spirit particularly signs of excitement, overreaction, or when a person was engaged in a behavior that was contrary to a religion. The way people have analyzed it before, was a withdrawal of Gods protection. The treatment for such behavior was trephining. According to Butcher, Mineka and Hooley (2007), trephining is a procedure performed with stone and it consisted of chipping away one area of the skull in the form of a circle until the skull was cut through. The opening on the skull is called trephine, which allowed the evil spirit to escape the head. Another type of treatment for a person affected by bad spirit was exorcism. According to Butcher, Mineka and Hooley, (2007), exorcism techniques varied but typically included magic and prayer. According to Butcher, Mineka and Hooley (2007), “references to abnormal behavior in early writings show that the Chinese, Egyptians, Hebrews, and Greeks often attributed such behavior to a demon or god who had taken possession of a person” (p. 28). It is important to mention that Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) recognized the importance of...

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