Abnormal Behavior

Topics: Psychology, Sociology, Emotion Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: March 25, 2002
Abnormal Behavior

A known psychological disorder is abnormal behavior. Abnormal behavior is classified into four different categories. The characteristics of these categories consist of statistical deviance, cultural deviance, emotional distress, and dysfunction. Each behavior has specific characteristics as reasons for their classifications. Statistical deviance is sometimes wrongly classified such as being extremely intelligent or being a very good athlete. According to statistical deviance, as the textbook explains, a behavior is abnormal if it occurs infrequently among members of a population. Cultural deviance classifies abnormality to be behavior that would be considered abnormal if it violates standards of a society or culture. Emotional distress is associated with people who are unhappy and who feel as if they are lost or alienated from others. Dysfunction is considered a breakdown of normal functioning. People classified with dysfunction may have thinking impairment and be unable to adapt in their environment. Each of these classifications is somewhat different though they each have the same reasoning.

Considering these facts, I classified each abnormal behavior from the most disturbing to the least disturbing. The abnormal behavior that would seem the most disturbing to me is dysfunction. Dysfunction seems to be the most disturbing to me because when a person is undergoing this particular behavior, they may not eat properly or be able to dress themselves correctly. When I really see a problem in this type of abnormal behavior, dysfunction, is when a person could possibly have bad hygiene from the inability to clean himself or herself properly. When someone is unable to take proper care of themselves, I think it would be time for them seek some kind of professional help. Next in line according to my views of disturbance would be cultural deviance. I chose this classification next because this type of abnormal behavior violates the...
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