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Appendix D

Psychological and Psychophysiological Stress Disorders

Respond to the following:
1. Stress can be the root cause of psychological disorders. Name four symptoms shared by acute and posttraumatic stress disorders. Symptoms shared by acute and post-traumatic stress disorders are avoidance, reoccurring thoughts of the events, feelings of detachment, increased guilt and anxiety. 2. What life events are most likely to trigger a stress disorder? Any Traumatic event can trigger a stress disorder.

3. Traumatic events do not always result in a diagnosable psychological disorder. What factors determine how a person may be affected by one such event? The severity of the trauma determines how a person may be affected by the traumatic event. 4. What are the four stages in meeting the psychological needs of disaster victims? 1) Normalizing the response by getting them educated about their symptoms 2) Having the victim express their anxiety, anger and frustration 3) Teaching them skills to reduce stress

4) Being open to giving them referrals to see other professional who may be able to help them with long term care 5. What is the link between personality styles and heart disease? Both of these help develop some type of psychological disorder 6. List and briefly describe four psychological treatments for physical disorders. Relaxation Training- patients are taught to relax their muscles Biofeedback- patients are attached to a machine that reads all of their involuntary movement Meditation- involves changing the state of consciousness allowing their thoughts to turn away from outside thoughts

Cognitive Intervention-people with ailments are taught to think positive about their current condition as part of treatment. This is done to help ease pain or help patients deal with the pain without medication or with a combination of the two.
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