Ability to Communicate Verbally and in Writing, Effectively

Topics: Access control, Physical security, Transportation Security Administration Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: July 10, 2006
While performing as a dual function screener for TSA I perform a variety of duties related to providing security and protection of air travelers, airports and aircraft. I perform passenger-screening, baggage screening in a courteous and professional manner. Continuously and effectively interact with the public, giving directions and responding to inquiries in a reasonable tone and manner. Maintain focus and awareness within an environment containing numerous distractions, people, and noise. I work within a stressful environment, which includes noise from alarms, machinery, and people, distractions, time pressure, disruptive and angry passengers, and the requirement to identify and locate potentially life-threatening devices and devices intended on creating massive destruction. Make effective decisions in both crisis and routine situations. Successfully completed the dual function screener platform with instruction provided by Lockheed Martin as contracted from Department of Homeland Security/ Transportation Security Administration

As part of the engineering design team with Complete Access Control, Inc., I would meet with potential clients, learn their needs, design an access control system and present that system to their board. I would negotiate with vendors on pricing and timing. I conducted training for the clients about the systems and completed walk through

inspections on commissioned
systems. I also represented the company at CAI (Community Association International) annual meetings.

At BallenIsles Controlled Access Service, I conducted multiple American Heart Association Heart Saver CPR/AED classes for employees and residents alike. I assisted the cultivation of relationships within the local police department that allowed for; training of our Officers by their training staff, increased their K-9 and SWAT team familiarization with our property, increased communications by sharing ten and signal codes and motivating teamwork between our...
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