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Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Elizabeth Proctor Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Character Analysis of Abigail Williams
Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible in response to McCarthyism in 1953. During this time the Puritan society was in authority. This society was one where religion was highly practiced, women had the least rights, forms of entertainment were banned and adultery was seen as major sin. However, Miller’s, The Crucible makes the strongest female character; Abigail the conveyance of all the Puritans would have believed as evil. Throughout the play, The Crucible the major character Abigail is presented as breathlessly beautiful yet highly malicious. She is displayed as antagonistic and static while instigating the witch trials for revenge. Miller portrayed Abigail’s character as influential, "…strikingly beautiful girl...” (8) yet highly malicious with an "…endless capacity for dissembling…" (8) which is specified in Act 1. This represents and gives the reader an indication instantly, that Abigail can manipulate people using her looks in such a way that they crumble. As the play advances this is brought to action, especially with various members of the Salem community like John Proctor and Judge Danforth. She seduces John proctor with her looks to fulfill her loss of a man figure in her life. Furthermore, she utilizes her attractive looks to take control over the court. Abigail’s manipulation of the girls misleads the court by shifting the blame away from her and towards Mary Warren and Elizabeth. Thus, Abigail’s false pretence shows that she holds enough authority to make others follow her in her deceit, even if it is reflected as a sin. Additionally, Abigail is displayed as the major antagonist and her role in the play remains static. Abigail falsely accuses innocent people of witchcraft and feels no repentance for her actions. She is a vicious antagonist who will stop at nothing to attain her uncontrolled goals. Her central role remains static throughout the play. This is proven from her hiding the truth and convincing the girls...
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